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Terms and Agreement Between User (YOU) and ALLSTAR

Welcome to ALLSTAR
 1. Your account will be your 100% responsibillity, any activity that can harm your account isnt our (Admin) fault.
 2. If you got hacked or simmiliar problem, its not our (Admin) responsible to help.
 3. We (Admin) may/can see/change your sensitive information for some case (investigation or simmiliar problem).
 4. When you decided to do Donation for Server, you are not eligible/allowed to do refund/cancel/reversal, doing so will get your account banned automatically.
 5. Donation is needed to keep the server alive.
 6. By registering, you are also agree to RULES IN GAME.
We (Admin) May ADD/REMOVE/CHANGE the Terms and Agreement Without Any Announcement.
By Clicking Agree & Continue, You are agree to the Terms and Agreement above.